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The Top 4 Common Commercial Roofing Issues

Most people are oblivious to the fact that commercial buildings also suffer from roof problems, just like residential houses do. Commercial buildings are often prone to these problems, and they experience them now and then. It is advisable for business owners or managers to have information beforehand that will help them cope with the issues once they arise to protect the safety of their employees and prevent liabilities. A good way of doing this is by staying informed about the most common problems that come with commercial roofing. Below are some of the sticky ones:

1) Puncture Holes

Most holes that develop on roofs come as a result of either wind damage or severe hail. This especially applies to areas that are rainy or windy. It is easy to know what kind of weather you will be dealing with by conducting some in-depth research on meteorological websites or by keeping yourself updated by regularly watching the weather channels in your area. Foot traffic and blown debris are also factors that contribute to the punctures being formed. The holes are detrimental, given that they decrease the performance of the roofing and might result in the building losing current and potential clients. Considering the fact that punctures are among the most common commercial roof problems, you need to be very careful and check the roof occasionally.

2) Blow-offs

Blow-offs and uplifts are very common. When wind overflows any roof, the pressure on its surface decreases relative to pressure on the inside because of the infiltration of air that comes in through the openings and cracks. All this will lead to the roof being lifted up. However, this can be easily reduced if the seams are cured on the systems. When they are exposed to the wind before being cured, the uplift will result in a lot of damage to the roof membrane. High winds can also result in some problems such as blowing off the caps of the chimneys and allowing water to get into the pipes.

3) Standing Water

You should be alarmed if you ever come across a pool of water accumulating on your roof. The major reason is that it could get heavy, gradually leading to a lot of structural damage or even the collapsing of the roof. The cause of the pool of water is usually poor drainage systems during installation. The pools are also known for creating a lot of leaks in buildings that will deteriorate other systems. It is important that you pay great attention to the cause of the standing water before starting any repairs. This move can help you save a lot of money since you might end up fixing things that needed no repairs because you were misinformed.

4) Faulty Flashing

Flashing is often installed to deflect water from the joints and seams. If you are not careful, you can be a victim of faulty flashing. It is one of the main reasons for leaking in many buildings. The failure is caused by expansion and contracting. Researching more about it before embarking on a construction project is crucial.

Make sure to conduct roof inspections on an annual or quarterly basis to make sure that your building is in excellent shape. The functionality of your roof can have an immense impact on the well-being of your staff and business.

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