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Best Questions and Answers Websites When Google Doesn’t Help

We all trust the Internet when it comes to something we don’t know. However, does Google know everything? Are we right to believe it so blindly? Why google something when it will be better to search specialized question and answer websites? These kinds of sources always provides knowledgeable experts who offer in-depth answers. Q&A sites always have great communities ready to help its members. No matter the topic you are interested in, we bet you can find it on specialized or general Q&A services.

You will not have to ask yourself the question “Is Google always right?” if you find a reliable source where people, professionals and amateurs alike share their personal experiences with you. Whether you have questions about launching a business or managing an unruly customer, you want to make sure you are referring to the right website.

There are certain things you shouldn’t google, especially those that concern your health. Medical websites deserve their own places on our list of the best question and answer websites because of their delicate nature. It is always better to ask a professional doctor for help—an opportunity gladly provided by medical Q&A websites.

So, here is a list of reliable sources that store hundreds of questions and are ready to help you find an answer to yours.

Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers is a source of questions on diverse topics. Here, you can find some solid answers, though you will have to search the website for a bit. Going through threads and answers, you can jump from one place to another, learning everything available on a topic.

You can also find quite a few unusual responses that always lead to the funniest discussions. Yahoo! Answers is not only a source of useful tips but a great entertainment website as well. You can always find like-minded people here and start meaningful or funny conversations with them.

The service allows you to ask anonymous questions if you do not want your true name to be shown in the thread.


Getting to know the rules of the educational sphere is a tough quest that usually takes a lot of time. To make your search easier and faster, you can choose a reliable Q&A website.

QandA is a website where you can ask any question related to studies and get a detailed answer in no time. This is one of the best websites for college students. There is a great chance that some users before you have already asked a question similar to yours and you will not have to wait for the solution. Browsing the site’s categories, you can find the most diverse threads that dwell on every topic connected to education.

This questions and answers website is a place where you can find tips and advice from both experts in the field and your regular students eager to share their stories. QandA helps you to prepare for college and find answers to the topics you haven’t even thought about before. Among all other ed forums, this is a place that takes care of its users the most. It constantly chooses the hottest topics for its users and offers help to anyone who asks for it.

This is a student answer service for everybody. Though the major part of the questions is dedicated to higher education, people of all ages can find something useful here. The main categories of QandA include self-education, online courses, exams and more. When you find an interesting thread that matters to you, you can follow it and view all its answers at any time.

It is hard to find good education websites for students. However, QandA is the place you should stick to either to find answers or to share your experience with other users.


Among all question and answer sites, Quora is probably the most famous one. This is a place where you can ask any question on any topic. This is a storage of answers to the most ridiculous and useful questions alike. Users are free to ponder on anything here. It covers a variety of interests and will surely have something in store for you. You can easily browse its topics if you want to get the general touch of the categories. In addition, you can search Quora using some general phrases and keywords to look at what people are asking.

This is also a place where you can both ask questions and answer them. It is easy to become a guru in your sphere of knowledge and help people to find what they are looking for. In addition, you can add your personal blog and post pieces of information and advice for the general public.



Ask questions, get answers—this is why you need Askville. The website is powered by Amazon, thus ensuring its high quality of performance. It is mostly focused on technical questions but is not fully one-dimensional. Here, you can also find such topics as entertainment including its various kinds, family, traveling and so on.

Askville is a great service for those seeking information. Solid questions are given solid answers, discussion threads raise essential issues and show you the full image of the situation. The service is most famous for its community and reputable experts who always give reliable answers.

As any website that allows its users to interact with each other, this one also has plenty of hilarious conversations and funny responses.

Ask Medical Doctor

Ask Medical Doctor is a website where you can get free medical advice from professionals. Its database has thousands of questions you can browse through. The topics are varied and may touch any issue, provided it is a medical one. The website contains the profile of doctors that are authorized to provide answers. The service is valued highly among its users who praise the reliability of its experts.

You can find a list of medical conditions that will help you in your search. You can either ask health questions yourself or look into the similar cases. When you submit a question, an answer usually comes the same day. At most, you will have to wait for 24 hours.


MedHelp is not only an online doctor service but also a kind of a medical social network. The community is large and consists of both medical experts who are accordingly marked and regular users. The most exciting aspect of the website is that anyone registered can write a comment to your question. In addition to the tips from practicing doctors, you will get to listen to people who have gone through something similar. They may give you an alternative way to deal with the problem. However, you must fully understand that medical questions are a serious matter that require the help of professionals.

WebMD Answers

WebMD Answers is a place where you can ask a doctor free questions and get qualified reliable answers. The community of WebMD is very supportive and mature. You will never be laughed at or neglected. You can ask WebMD experts anything that concerns your health and get an answer any time of the day. The website’s message boards are divided into several categories that touch upon all aspects of your health from a simple cold to parenting and fighting cancer.

Any user of the website is free to create a post. All questions are valuable here, no matter what you ask. Remember that you should describe your situation providing the smallest details for a doctor to be able to judge your situation from the right angle. In addition, you can address the specific doctor you already trust personally and be sure to get a response.

Finding a Reliable Source

Question and answer websites may be the most useful tool the web has to offer us. More and more people are visiting such sources to find information and share their knowledge. Entrepreneurs may have questions about making more money or growing their existing business. In times when it is a general belief that people can find anything using search engines, it is good to have an alternative where you can be more specific. Of course, you can also browse the existing threads and get ideas from there. However, it is always better to submit your own question and receive a detailed answer concerning a specific situation.

These Q&A services may sound like regular forums to you, but they greatly differ. Here, people are more focused on giving a useful answer and being serious, though hilarious threads can also be found. Arguably the best thing about question and answer websites are their communities. People of all spheres and experiences gather in one place to share their knowledge and get help. Any source of the kind offers its set of experts entitled to give you professional advice. In addition, in most cases, users are free to comment as well. So, this mix of various opinions is the best way to get the full image of your situation and consider various options.

In a time when question and answer services are so popular, it is important to find the most reliable ones. The Internet is full of frauds and plagiarism today. Finding something original and trustworthy should be the top priority for any user.

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