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5 Benefits of Working from a Standing Desk

Spending long hours at a work desk is not uncommon for an average office worker; it is something that one must contend with on a day-to-day basis. It is the practical thing to do especially when the job requires a personal computer or paperwork. But having to sit down and work for long hours has serious repercussions, especially on ones’ health. People who sit a lot every day at work are observed to gain weight more, thus are more prone to obesity. Sitting too much is also linked to increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. That is why alternative ways of doing office work are being thought of to reduce the time spent sitting. The discovery of the standing desk came about as a result.

A standing desk is basically a desk you can use to work comfortably while standing up. Some versions have adjustable height, so you can work sitting or standing alternately. There is also a portable standing desk which you can mount on a glass window of your office and comfortably work from there. This innovative idea of using a standing desk may help improve health and increase productivity in the workplace. Read on for more benefits you can get by working from a standing desk.

1. Relieves back strain

The usual complaint of an office worker sitting all day is back pain. Some studies regarding the use of a standing desk have been done on office workers who suffer from back pain. A significant improvement on back pain has been observed with office workers using the standing desk for a few weeks; those who used the sit-stand desk reported a bigger improvement on neck and lower back pain after several weeks. Thus, a standing desk can help lessen back strain experienced by office workers who sit for long periods every day.

2. Reduces the risk of heart disease

The connection between prolonged sitting and increased risk of heart disease has been studied for awhile. Blood circulates better throughout the body and boosts metabolism when a person is standing. Studies have been made on people whose work requires more standing than sitting and are observed to be at less risk of heart-related diseases. There have been many scientific studies done relating prolonged sitting to a risk of heart disease, and there is no doubt that standing may prove beneficial for your heart to function well. The less sitting you do by using a standing desk, the healthier your heart will be.

3. Lowers the risk of weight gain and obesity

Calories are burned when you exercise which involves a lot of body movement. You can gain weight by taking in more calories than you can burn. It has been observed that simply standing can burn calories. That is why sitting for long periods of time may cause you to gain weight and eventually get the risk of obesity. Choosing to stand for a period of time during work may help decrease the risk of gaining too much weight.

4. Increases concentration and mood levels

A sedentary position such as sitting is comfortable yet doing it for a prolonged period may cause a person to slacken off. Standing while working may help increase concentration, mood levels and optimize breathing. Studies which have been done to workers using standing desks showed less stress and fatigue with improved mood and energy levels as opposed to those who worked the whole day sitting.

5. Boosts productivity

Standing while working may boost productivity. Since it increases concentration and improves mood and energy levels, more work can be done. It has also been observed that using a standing desk is no hindrance to performing the daily tasks and in fact, helps an office worker to be more attentive.

There is no doubt that reducing sitting time and including standing time in your work routine can bring you immense benefits in both your physical and mental health. Incorporating standing desks in your office not only adds more productive space that you can use but brings improved health and joy to your regular working days.

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